Product Description

Main Features

1. This welding machine is made up of machine head, frame,electronic controller box, profile holding frame, etc.

2. It adopts good sliding circle guide rails,also with strong frame body

3. The left head can move 20mm by following the track. Every head has their separate location structure, 

pressing structure, heating structure and head box.

4. It’s with advanced technology, reliable function and easy operation.

5. It adopts PC control, pneumatic driving and locating.

6. The CM non-oil lubricating bearing and liner moving bearing make high precision and convenient maintaining.

7. It can be added to an additional welding plate to weld various degrees as per your requirement.

8. The three heads can work individually or jointly.

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  220V 50HZ
 Input power    3.5KW  
 Air pressure   0.4-0.8Mpa
 Air consumption  150L/min
 Welding profile height  20-100mm
 Welding profile width  0-120mm
 Welding range  400-3500mm
 Machine dimension  4400x1100x1700mm
 Weight  1500KGS

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