Product Description

Main Features

1. It is used for 90 V shaped groove cutting process of PVC profile. 

2. It features easy operation and longevity.

3. Two saw blade with 90° layout, one time two V shape cutting.

4. If your production is large and produce mullion window, you can consider to buy this model, this model can cut the mullion profile

end at one time, improve your production.

Technical parameters

 Working voltage  380V 50HZ
 Main motor power  2X0.75KW
 Motor rotation speed  2800r/min
 Air pressure  0.4-0.6MPa
 Air consumption  80L/min
 Saw cutting width  120mm
 Cutting length  300-1600mm 
 Machine dimension   1900x700x1350mm
 Weight  300KGS

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