Product Description

Main Features

1. Special for aluminum and PVC profile cutting at 45°~90°

2. Carbide saw blade gives accurate processing and high endurance

3. The two heads can work independently or work together.

4. Cutting off required length and two end angles are available by one processing

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  380V 50HZ
 Saw cutting(w*h)  120*200mm
 Main motor power  3.55KW
 Main motor rotation speed  2840r/min
 Saw blade dimension  Ø450* Ø30
 Cutting angle  -45°-90°-45° 
 Repeat Locating length  ≤0.3mm
 Angle cutting tolerance  ±5’
 Planeness of cutting surface  ≤0.10mm
 Cutting surface roughness  Ra12.5um
 Cutting length 3700-450mm 
 Machine dimension   4600x1300x1550mm
 Weight  980KGS


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