Product Description

Main Features

1. The machine is used for milling all kinds of water slots and air pressure balance grooves in the upvc profiles.

2. The strong frame structure makes the machine be very rigidity.

3. Automatic cutter changer system features simple operation.

4. High efficiency, suitable for mass production.

5. Special feeding system, no need of special maintenance, adopt high quality linear bearing to ensure the 

processing precision and good performance of milling.

6. Convenient adjustment for the cutter location to meet different kinds of profiles.

7. Water slot milling length adjustable within 100mm, wide adaptability.

8. It’s a necessary machine for upvc window production.

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  220V 50HZ
 Main motor power  3*0.38KW
 Motor RPM  25000 
 Air pressure  0.5~0.8MPa 
 Air consumption  30L/min
 Milling cutter diameter  ø4mm.ø5mm
 Grooving depth  40mm 
 Groove length  10~100mm 
 Machine dimension  2100x860x1500mm
 Weight  300KGS

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