Product Description

Main Features

1. This machine is used for cutting 45°, 90°.

2. The saw is moved by motor drive, easy and convenient operation.

3. Adopt the high precision spindle makes the profiles surface in high quality.

4. Adopt gas-liquid damping device feeding, smoothly running.

5. Both hand concurrent operation button, ensures the operator safety.

6. Has the air gun, cleaning effectively ensures the operator health.

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  380V 50HZ
 Input Power  3KW
 Air pressure  0.4-0.6 Mpa
 Air consumption  100L/min
 Saw cutting(W*H)  200*100mm
 Cutting length  450-3500mm
 Saw blade dimension  Φ400*Φ30
 Main motor rotation speed  3200r/min
 Saw blade swing angle  90°~45°
 Machine dimension  4000x1120x1450mm
 Weight  1000KGS

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