Product Description

Main Features

1. Suitable for welding colorful upvc window frame( including attaching mold, double-color co-extrusion, 

transfer printing, and spraying).

2. It can clear welding beading at one time after finishing the welding, and can strictly control the size of welding seam; 

therefore, after welding of colorful section steel is finished, its surface welding creater looks perfect and top-grade, 

and its welding strength is higher than that of the original ones.

3. Through controlling pneumatic system, it increases processing mode of strengthening the welding strength, 

especially software processing in melting, melting-welding clearance and welding process, thus it can guarantee 

optimal welding strength in various environments. It can also conduct quantitative adjustment according to 

digital parameters.

4. The cutter has good changeability.

5. The cutter of adopts special material, through special heat-treatment processing technic and finish accuracy. 

The cutter is standardized completely to achieve good exchangeability. The cutter can change without professionals.

6. It uses eight cutting tools and weld and clear corners, seams. It can also clearing seam for window-support and crossed

window-support, reasulting in perfect welding surface.

Technical Parameters

 Working voltage  220V 50HZ
 Input power    4.5KW  
 Air pressure   0.6-0.8Mpa
 Air consumption  300L/min
 Welding profile height  10-120mm
 Welding profile width  0-120mm
 Welding range  420-4500mm
 Machine dimension  5300x1050x1800mm
 Weight  2000KGS

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